For when you really have no go, or simply need a rest, come here for some fun things to do from the comfort of your armchair, sofa or bed!

Number 1 – come here!  Check up on the site to see what new things we’ve uploaded… Or just share your day with us :)

Media fun helps me tremendously, so I’ll keep posting new books to read, great inspiring music or a good giggle from a film or TV.  Follow my links to the right or see the main posts for these updates :D

We plan to provide some giggles and fun to cheer you too up when you’re feeling bad, we hope it helps?

Ruth is also aiming to provide some great ideas of crafts to enjoy, so keep watching this space…

I’m sure there will be more things we think of and add as time goes on, when living with Still’s it’s so necessary to rest-up so any ideas of things that work for you would be great too, feel free to share x

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